You know it or not but you are an artist like no one else; like no one will ever be;
Because you choose what you choose and it’s your choice what to bring home from the infinity world exposes to you.

And I hope you bring home good and bright things;
And I hope you bring home happiness and joy.

Because your life is as full as you may fill;
With the shadow of the comfort of your favorite color curtains;
With the taste of freshness of the tea of your liking;
With the fragrance of liveliness of the rose plant you planted;
With the warmth of familiarity of the old books in your shelf;
With the ignorance of the to-do post it note you pasted weeks ago;
With the motivation of the posters you stuck on your wall;
With the nostalgia of the pictures you framed;
With the sourness of the wine of your choice;
With the melody of your favorite person’s voice.
And most importantly, with the nightmares of your forgotten dreams before you finally wake up.

Dear, don’t be too lost in the quest.
Because no-matter how far you travel to find the right place; The right place will always be the one you will create with your own hands and decorate with your own choices.

Create an art piece;
Create a code;
Create a verse;
Create a dish;
Create a joke;
Create a business;
Create a sock;
Anything, just create.

Create and share with the world because though you may feel complete with your makings but you will only feel fulfilled with your givings.

Quote a value for what create and not a price.
It’s priceless.

And like I said, you are an artist that will never be born again;
I hope you bring home all the good and bright things that will help you create what world will rejoice everlong.

– Disha Tripathi

Illustration: pastel.ette