Joker – Movie Review

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You know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!

Joker, Dark Knight

Joker ( 2019) directed by Todd Phillips starring Joaquin Phoenix as joker surpasses all the benchmarks and expectations of audience. Joaquin’s performance is extremely prolific and engaging. With his exceptional performance, he makes the audience walk in his shoes, feel despair of his miserable life and reason his insanity.

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How blue is my Sapphire!


“Court pronounces Mr. Roy Chaudhary and Ms Gallot divorced, giving the child’s custody to the father”.

The court adjourned announcing the verdict.
A bevy of journalists surrounded me .

“How do you feel about the divorce?
Ma’am ,what do you have to say about the verdict?
Do you have any future settlement plans?
Ma’am, people are saying that your ex-husband is getting married next month, is this true? ”

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