Vengeance will be mine

From the bliss of togetherness to the curse of solitude you left me then, you should know;
From a hopeful optimistic to the cynical pessimist you transformed me then, you should know;
I too believed in dreams I too believed in the magic of stars;
From that crazy ambitious girl to the reckless survivor of life you left me then, you should know..

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Return on Investment


Everyone invests in life. Some people choose to invest in others while some choose to invest in themselves. If you choose to invest in others, then its an unsolicited act of charity. You give your time, energy, emotions and most importantly vulnerability to a person who may or may not cater it with the same sincerity. Returns of your investment cannot be guaranteed and then after years you realize that what you so abundantly gave actually emptied you. That’s a  white loss.

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Animal Welfare Laws, every citizen should know.

It’s not a rare sight in India to see an animal being exploited to a nerve-wrecking extent. I happened to stumble upon a scenario where a man was riding a  bull driven cart carrying tons of metallic rods. Many people might have crossed the road that day without paying the slightest of heed to what was happening to the poor creature.

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Yes, I married a raped woman

“Dad, I want to marry her”, she needs me.

“Are you out of your senses, you want to spend your life by a touched filth! She was raped, she is not pure. I forbid you to marry her .”

“Pure! Just because she was strangled by some psychopaths, she turns out to be a filth. I love her dad, I won’t let her fight this alone”

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Anxiety, constant unease !

My heart vouches to people who have suffered or are suffering from anxiety. I know you woke up anxious with your heartbeats as fast as fleeting wings of an eagle eyeing its prey and your heart is beating in your mouth.
You can feel it incessantly touching your ribcage with inaudible shudder but you don’t know how to pacify it. How to control the involuntary? How to ease the tremors of your mind in fight with your body.

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The first morning in exhilarating Shimla, I sneaked out of the balcony to have a fresh stretch of breath. The chill of hills and the warmth of the sun was a surreal combination that kissed my skin most pleasantly. It was a solo trip. My way of rejuvenating my spirit was to take a week off from anything and everything and spend quality time with myself. This time I chose Hills.

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