I came across this wonderful art piece by chiara bautista & instantly knew that I should write on this.

So it’s true, there are two kinds of learning.
One, that of your mind which is merely an adaptation of findings of law, science, civilization and universe.
And then there is learning of your heart. There is no rule book or syllabus to it. Your heart learns what it is exposed to & though this may continue lifelong but your childhood exposure builds your tendencies most significantly. Scholars call it psychology of child development & this is what brings me to my topic.


• Firechild •

A child’s heart should not
be exposed to silence.
A child’s heart should not
be exposed to absence.
For it’s too fragile to
make peace with it.

Today the little one may
play through the silence &
giggle through the absence.
But the heart remembers.
Heart yearns &
Heart longs for embrace.

Tomorrow when he’d grow through
lack of love & care.
He might be as good as others
on the outside but his insides will
be susceptible.
He’d be like a helium balloon
just as pretty, rising the sky but
much more explosive & much
less stable.

What do you do when you slip
on a watery surface?
You clench the first thing you can
grab and so would he.
He’d cling to people with an
extraordinary passion.
Because the heart remembers.
Heart yearns & heart longs for embrace.
But who’s to fill the deficit needs of
a thirsty heart?
Noone can & no-one will!

He’d cling to drugs & delude himself.
A mirage to hide contractions.
If you are already lost then what’s the
harm in getting too lost?

I hope amongst all this chaos, lingerings
& delusions this firechild finds his flame.
Because the ones who are given too
little are the ones who have too much to

So before your heart explodes carrying
all that it holds, just know;
What to do with all that love in you?
Pass it on in your deeds.
Pass it on in your words.
Pass it on in your songs.
Pass it on in your art.
Pass it on in your smiles

& You’d be good to go!

-Disha Tripathi