Winter Sadness

Onset of winters dampens my soul
& I am on a lookout of summer
even before it’s gone.
Days are shorter & light fades early.

I sit on my Veranda solemnly &
my spirits mourn something I don’t know;
It is an inexplicable feeling &
I think maybe that’s my soul’s obeisance
to the retreating summer that my body
cannot comprehend.
Maybe that’s my Goodbye to a
season before I blend into the calm of winters & forget about the sunny days because one does.
One blends with what nature offers.

It is a strange thing, Hysteria of losing
something is more in the last moments
while you still have it than when it’s gone
just like love. Isn’t it?

In the last moment of uncertainty and
doubt while you are still with your lover.
You are afraid of parting like it will kill
you when in fact the distance & apathy
kills you each day.
We fool ourselves in making better
of something that cannot be any worse
& in those moments we are most afraid.
We lie to ourselves & we don’t want to be caught.

But when the winter kicks in with all its effect
we get engrossed in it. We have our reasons
to accept it with an open arm, Christmas,
Snow, Coats, Boots, Rum, Holidays.

That’s how the seasons flow & that’s how the
life works. Take pleasure and be merry with the
the warmth something or someone brings in your life & then when it gets dark and cold, take a moment to say Goodbye. You might be unsure,
afraid but it will pass like seasons do & when
it does you’ll have a beautiful year to look forward to!

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