Emergency Exit

Depression,Anxiety,Mental Health

You have to be invisible when
you are lost in a jungle,
Wear camouflage like a
cloak for survival.
You have to mark trees to know
that you are not circling to the same ones.
This jungle is a maze with fresh air
and deadly animals.
At night, you have to drop dead silent &
blend with the eeriness,
as if you don’t exist.

You are restless, You are anxious!
You seemed to be trapped in the jungle for as
long as you can remember.
Your marked trees doesn’t lead you anywhere
You think, whether they are looking out for you?
Did they notice?
You look at the sky but can’t find your moon;
Forest is too tense;
In the morning it’s a stretch
of green and at night, appalling black &
you can’t tell the difference.
You think you are color blind.
You have to walk each day.
You have to hide each day.
You have to sleep with it.
You have to wake up to it.

Depression is a deadly maze &
you can’t find the emergency Exit !

-Disha Tripathi

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