Someone told me that
one must not change
their intrinsic nature
no-matter what they
receive.You should be
true to yourself at all times.
How can it be?
If every action has an equal &
opposite reaction so how
can I serve dessert on the
plate of a person who
pours poison in my drink?

So I hit the bullseye every time
a person let me down, I would
give it back in kind. Sooner
I realized that I was fighting a battle
in an empty war zone even when
the opponent left. I went
to bed with regrets because
that’s not how I wanted to
write the last note.

I remembered the strange advice
& changed my rules.
I ordered ceasefire before
the red flag was waved.
I stopped being a landmine &
became a flowerbed instead.

Everytime a person hurts
me I give them a rose &
bid farewell.
There are two ways to end
a story; with love or with hate & hate doesn’t work well for me.

-Disha Tripathi

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