How blue is my Sapphire!


“Court pronounces Mr. Roy Chaudhary and Ms Gallot divorced, giving the child’s custody to the father”.

The court adjourned announcing the verdict.
A bevy of journalists surrounded me .

“How do you feel about the divorce?
Ma’am ,what do you have to say about the verdict?
Do you have any future settlement plans?
Ma’am, people are saying that your ex-husband is getting married next month, is this true? ”

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Yes, I married a raped woman

“Dad, I want to marry her”, she needs me.

“Are you out of your senses, you want to spend your life by a touched filth! She was raped, she is not pure. I forbid you to marry her .”

“Pure! Just because she was strangled by some psychopaths, she turns out to be a filth. I love her dad, I won’t let her fight this alone”

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The first morning in exhilarating Shimla, I sneaked out of the balcony to have a fresh stretch of breath. The chill of hills and the warmth of the sun was a surreal combination that kissed my skin most pleasantly. It was a solo trip. My way of rejuvenating my spirit was to take a week off from anything and everything and spend quality time with myself. This time I chose Hills.

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