Return on Investment


Everyone invests in life. Some people choose to invest in others while some choose to invest in themselves. If you choose to invest in others, then its an unsolicited act of charity. You give your time, energy, emotions and most importantly vulnerability to a person who may or may not cater it with the same sincerity. Returns of your investment cannot be guaranteed and then after years you realize that what you so abundantly gave actually emptied you. That’s a  white loss.

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Anxiety, constant unease !

My heart vouches to people who have suffered or are suffering from anxiety. I know you woke up anxious with your heartbeats as fast as fleeting wings of an eagle eyeing its prey and your heart is beating in your mouth.
You can feel it incessantly touching your ribcage with inaudible shudder but you don’t know how to pacify it. How to control the involuntary? How to ease the tremors of your mind in fight with your body.

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He: ” I am afraid. What if one day we have nothing to talk about? ”

She:  ” We will let nature talk for us. Halt words, utter silence and let the world speak for us. Maybe a walk on a beach, saying what is left; Silence. Watching the sunset above the crashing waves; Rustling tide breaking the monotony of serenity.

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