Price of a dream

I saw this young girl walking tightrope
in Chandni Chowk.
Just before getting up on the rope she touched
ground and chanted some inaudible prayer.
As she slowly and steadily rope walked,
her mother walked beneath to catch her incase
she falls .
Anyways, I kept on observing her.
After she finished her act, I gave her some money and

“What will you do with the money you collect? ”

She looked at me with surprise and said she needs it to buy food.

” What will you do with it if not for food? ”

I want to go to school and became a teacher one day.
I will use it to pay my school fees.


And that day it suddenly
dawned on me that one person’s
privilege is another’s dream.
And that dreams aren’t free;
It may seep in at night
but when the sun dawns &
you don’t have money to
put bread on your plate
you can’t remember your
It is lost in the quest of
assembling basic amenities
for survival.
Just like that little girl,
her days passed walking
the rope, collecting
change and her dreams
became insignificant on
the face of a few coins.
What you and I might
tip a waiter was the price
for her freedom of dreaming.
It’s unfair isn’t it?
So feel lucky if the only price
to pay for your dreams is
hard work because dreams
aren’t a fair play.
Also know, that your winnings
will always be incomplete
and partial until every one in
this world will have the
freedom to dream and to
pursue it because believe me
or not there are millions of
talents who aren’t even contending.
They are busy earning their living!

| Price of a dream |

Can women in India really be Nirbhaya?

Nirbhaya. ‘ Fearless’
A 23 year old physiotherapist was brutally gang raped in a city bus , her parts were ripped open, foreign entities inserted in her body and was thrown out of the bus to die.
Disha ‘ Direction’
A 26 years old, veterinary doctor was abductedby 4 men, gang-raped, smothered to death and set ablaze in Hyderabad.
Sobriquets given to rape victims cannot bring back their lives. Stop glorying the tragedy because no woman in India can be ‘ Nirbhaya ‘ until and unless she is cold dead.
Lets name the culprits Instead but sadly we run out of words!
‘ Monsters, murders who shouldn’t be born in the first place

Candles are for silent protest;
We need loud actions in times of such moral depravity!

Just taking the case to fast-track court and punishing the offenders is not enough. It doesn’t guarantee that no similar barbarity will take place in future. Does it?

How many causalities will it take for all of us to take the right steps?

Here is what government can do

First and foremost, we need to change the psyche of people such that rape and abuse is not an option in the actionable dictionary of citizens. How can we try to achieve it.

  • Monitory Government Squads:

Government should device monitory squads per district, town and villages who would visit houses periodically and inspect the condition and wellbeing of women in the house. Often, rapists are from the families where women are suppressed and ill-treated encouraging them to objectify women as a sex object. Families should be counselled about women rights and repercussion of ill-treatment.

  • Public Camps:

Government should organize public camps in rural and under-developed areas and should counsel public about women rights, laws, rape, child abuse etc. They should be counseled to educate their children.

  • Women Member in Panchayat:

Every gram Panchayat should necessarily have a female candidate. Women conference and events should be conducted to empower uneducated woman. Women in rural areas should be exposed to employment opportunities and made financially independent so that they don’t hesitate to report issues against their family members if any.

  • Education:

Law should be included as a compulsory subject in schools. Students should be taught about basic Indian regulation such as Rape laws, drug laws, human rights, animal rights as part of their curriculum.

– Rape and sex should not be considered as taboo and should be discussed to children by teachers and parents at the right age.

  • Laws:

Capital Punishment for rapists and murders and justice should be served as soon as possible. A tentative duration should be set by fast track courts and verdict should be out within that specified time.

Telangana Chief Minister K .Chandrasekhar Rao set up of the fast track court ensured the verdict to be served within 56 days in the young veterinarian’s case.

Here is what society can do :

Not to turn a blind eye at even the slightest of atrocity done on any women.

  • Report any major or minor incidents of sexual or domestic violence. According to National Family Health Survey ( NHFS) conducted by union ministry 31% of women have experiences sexual, physical or mental violence at home. I have seen women working in my society having bruises on their body. Many of my colleagues have witnessed the same situations wherein the maids working in their houses are beaten badly by their husbands. We listen to the story, council the victim, walk away which should not be the case. Such incidents should be reported to regional monitory squad for inspection.
  • To report eve-teasing or slightest of misbehavior to monitory squads.To empower women and promote education. You should indulge in active discussion about rape and sexual violence at home with your children. Education starts at home. A child’s psychology is most affected by what he sees and listens at home.

Here is what women can do:

Not be too accustomed to what we shouldn’t be.

  • If you are a woman who is enduring sexual or any kind of violence, you are encouraging the man to take women to be weak and inferior. Your silence and his arrogance will manifest into a crime in future. You need to take a stand for yourself and others. Don’t endure any kind of mistreatment and recognize your rights. Report any kind of abuse.
  • Report any online abuse. More than 50% of women using social media have been abused online but the question is what do we do about it? Generally, females block that particular individual and turns a blind eye towards it which is not enough.
  • Report the abuser and take your word forward so that he/she thinks a thousand times before abusing another woman.The Government of India has now launched a cybercrime reporting portal: under the National Mission for the Safety of Women.You can read more about Online abuse on:
  • Be observant, vigilant and practice self-defense.
  • Activate SOS is button on your phone so that you can reach emergency contact by pressing the button in time of distress.
  • Carry Pepper Spray or Stun Gun.You can read more about self defense instruments on the following site :
  • Practice self-defense. Enroll in programs, watch YouTube videos and practice basic self-defense moves to protect yourself.Here are some basic self-defense strategies :
  • Trust no-one no matter the age and demeanor. Always be alert, cautious and observant while travelling. Avoid roads with less traffic at odd hours. Trust your instincts.


Blue throat and clear Mind; Posion within and sedated awhile. Isn’t he and humans alike?

Mythology has always painted god and goddess to be indefectiable and supreme, devoid of any vices unlike humans thus creating an implied division.Gods and humans;
Godly and humanly;

This implied superiority of a magnificent existence tends us to have faith.
But If I ask you why you worship the one you worship?

My intention is not to shake the foundation of your belief. I just want you to deep dive from a superficial conditioning into an understanding of what religion is about. What makes you have an irresolute faith in who you worship ? The answer to this question is the lesson religion was meant to teach us.

I believe in Shiva.
The blue throat taught me that despite the poison you may encounter, you don’t have to let it get to your head. Negativity, ill-will may affect you till an extent that it becomes a lump of heaviness in your throat but you don’t have to let it reach your head. You have to stay calm and balanced.

Shiva is the Creator and the destroyer of the world.This taught me that sometimes no-matter how intricately and dedicatedly you nurtured something but you should possess the power to destroy it if it’s not meant to be. If it’s existence is toxic.

Shiva is limitless.
This taught me that every individual, every living being no matter how minimal has a potential to touch their infinites only if he manages to manifest his energies in the right way. Nothing is impossible.You are infinite, you can be anyone you want and you can do anything you like. You are limitless.

Shiva blessed both Ram and Ravan.
It taught me to be tolerant and to believe in good and bad with good faith. To not have a pre-owned notion but to be impartial and treat all equally and respect their choices and their journeys.

Shiva is believed to sedate his mind.
Momentary sedation is either for distraction or indulgence. It has an enormous possibility of being what you want it to be. It can make you creative, it can make disruptive. Choice is yours.

Shiva is called bholenath;
Bholenath means to be simple and I feel simplicity is that bliss which makes a person richer in his experience because he is more in contact with his conscience that anything else. He is more in touch with his innate being than the worldly exteriors.

Shiva is magnificent.
Shiva is magnificent not because of his powers but because of his unfathomable knowledge. I also believe that the only prospect that gives a cutting edge between two individuals is knowledge and education.

Shiva is temperate.
It is believed that whenever god shiva got angry he began to do a dance called tandav. You must have control over your temperaments and know how to change it into a productive outcome.

Last but not the least, shiva makes me believe that Good is not devoid of evil;
Good is in control of evil;
Good is within, Good is without.

•ॐ नमः शिवाय •

-Disha Tripathi

Joker – Movie Review

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You know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!

Joker, Dark Knight

Joker ( 2019) directed by Todd Phillips starring Joaquin Phoenix as joker surpasses all the benchmarks and expectations of audience. Joaquin’s performance is extremely prolific and engaging. With his exceptional performance, he makes the audience walk in his shoes, feel despair of his miserable life and reason his insanity.

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Animal Welfare Laws, every citizen should know.

It’s not a rare sight in India to see an animal being exploited to a nerve-wrecking extent. I happened to stumble upon a scenario where a man was riding a  bull driven cart carrying tons of metallic rods. Many people might have crossed the road that day without paying the slightest of heed to what was happening to the poor creature.

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You don’t need it all to do it all

Girl in a pond

While most of us wait upon an unending ladder to climb to the skies of our wantings, few create a heaven on earth with whatever they got in their fist. The lesson to learn is that ‘You don’t need it all to do it all’


I met an artist with a unique idea. He said to me oneday ” How beautiful it would be if we had background music playing throughout our day; Had it been another dimension of the world like space and time “. A brilliant fantasy indeed.

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